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The AAdvantage eshopping is a Loyalty program of American Airlines. It was launched back in 1981, but soon after its advent, it became very popular among the flyers. It was second such loyalty program in the world. The first one was Texas International Airlines started in 1979. The AAdvantage e-shopping …

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Dow Theory

Dow Theory: Introduction Technical analysis has its roots in the past originating from what we know as the Dow theory. Dow theory is the foundation for technical analysis. Charles Dow and Edward Joe founded Charles Dow & company in 1882.Dow published his articles in wall street journal. Dow used his …

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Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis This topic is often most debated among traders which way one should follow. Some blindly follow fundamental analysis others are biased towards technical analysis. Whatever they do, they are often seen struggling for a constant and steady return from the market. Let me first explain …

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